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Team eButterfly Visits Florida

eButterfly Team at the 2016 International Congress of Entomology itching to get out in the field.
eButterfly Team at the 2016 International Congress of Entomology itching to get out in the field.

Several members of the eButterfly team attended the 2016 XXV International Congress of Entomology from September 25 to 30 in Orlando, Florida. eButterfly sponsored a symposium titled, “Keeping Science in Citizen Science” during the meeting. The symposium was extremely well received and inspiring to all of us as many of the speakers demonstrated the value of citizen science data in insect research and conservation. And of course, since we were in Florida…we had to go butterflying!  (more…)

eButterfly and Nunavik’s Youth Team Up to Survey Arctic Butterflies

2016-08-04 DSC_7495For the second consecutive year, eButterfly’s Max Larrivée teamed up with nine teenage Nunavik Inuits as part of a collaboration between the Montréal Insectarium and Nunavik Parks to survey butterfly diversity in the remote Québec arctic. The group led by Élise Rioux-Paquette, conservation officer for Nunavik Parks, and Elijah Ningiuruvik, Pingaluit National Park director, sampled butterflies inside the park during the first week of August. They focused their attention around Lac Manarsulik near the world renown Pingualuit Crater and along the valleys and canyons surrounding the Pivurnituk River, a unique ecosystem that flows from Ungava bay across to Hudson Bay. Conditions can be extremely harsh in the arctic beyond tree line from the high winds to biting flies, not to mention the extremely variable weather conditions. (more…)

Join Team eButterfly!

butterflies keyboardBecome a part of the eButterfly technical team! At the Vermont Center for Ecostudies we’re hiring a Software Applications Programmer to work on eButterfly and other wildlife projects. Come to beautiful Vermont and join a team of dedicated conservation biologists and help us take eButterfly to an all new level. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please see or share our announcement.

New Mission Monarch Project Powered by eButterfly


Science, butterfly and nature buffs, and other members of the public across the country are being asked by the experts to get out and look for milkweed plants to count monarch eggs and caterpillars, then to share their findings with Mission Monarch, powered by eButterfly.

“Mission Monarch is an especially concrete example of something that can bring humankind closer to nature,” declares Charles-Mathieu Brunelle, Director of Montréal Space for Life. “We’ve made that our mission and we are pleased that this major project is giving people a chance to connect or reconnect with their natural environment, while helping to conserve this widely beloved species.”


Vermont Butterfly Big Year Takes Flight

ButterflyingWith the help of an army of citizen scientists, the Vermont Butterfly Big Year aims to record every species of butterfly in Vermont this year. It’s a blend of science, education, competition, enjoyment, and a quest to monitor the changing nature of the state. Climate change, invasive species, habitat loss, and other environmental concerns are altering the biological diversity of Vermont. And with your help, VCE is trying to understand what this means for butterflies.


Ten Steps to Better Butterfly Photography (new camera optional)

2015-06-26 DSC_8252_1Spring is upon us and many of us are eager to get out butterflying with our cameras in hand to bring back a piece of those jewels home and share them with our butterflying buddies. While I don’t fancy myself as an expert photographer, I sure love to photograph butterflies and other insects. I realized over time that many tricks I took for granted to approach butterflies were foreign to many naturalists especially those new to it. After sharing some tips on how to approach butterflies and better photograph them with friends and colleagues and seeing them come back with much improved results and more species than they use to find, I thought this might be helpful to share.

Here are my 10 steps to better butterfly photography. Note these tips apply to any kind of camera from a smartphone to a professional DSLR with a macro lens. It isn’t always about the camera!


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